Whoohoo Remote Development Teams

Whoohoo IT – Who are we?

Whoohoo IT builds software development teams in Poland for IT companies and for innovative start-ups from all over the world.

We are a tech partner with over 30 years of commercial experience and 30 offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Poland.

Whoohoo IT – Case Studies

  1. Maandag for large enterprises
  2. CybrQ for start-ups

Why build a Software Development Team with Whoohoo IT?

  • We know how to search for and hire experienced IT developers, architects, QA engineers, business analysts, project managers, testers, and whole development teams.
  • You're the one to choose your software development team. You can start from hiring 1–3 developers and testers or hire a cross-functional team from the start — it's entirely up to you.

  • The developer accepted by you and hired by Whoohoo can work remotely or at our modern premises in the center of Wroclaw.
  • We have a multilingual team of 12 experienced recruiters who speak English, German, Dutch, and Polish.
  • We help to minimize the initial investment by taking care of infrastructure, facilities, security, all HR, and legal and operational issues.

Whoohoo IT – Technologies and areas of experience

Microsoft.NET, Java, Python, Salesforce, Testing, SAP, IOS, Android

What we do:

  • Team extension and augmentation
  • Cross border teams
  • Setting up operations in Poland

Whoohoo IT – Who is it for?

Get in touch with us, if you:
  • Identify gaps in specific technology areas within your existing IT team
  • Want to scale up your development activities with a fully dedicated nearshore team
  • Are not able to find the right IT skills on your local market
  • Are thinking of growing organically by setting up a team in Eastern Europe, without losing control over your project
  • Are looking for cost-effective, low risk and shorter delivery time IT solutions.

We're specialized in:

  • Microsoft.NET Core
  • JAVA
  • Machine Learning
  • AI
  • Big Data

Why a Software Development Team in Poland?

  1. Massive Talent Pool
  • In Poland, there are around 300,000 software developers.

  • Polish Software developers ranked 1st in Europe (3rd in the world) according to HackerRank and SkillValue.
  1. High-Quality Technical Education
  • The top universities of Poland include Universities based in Wroclaw, Krakow and  Warsaw.
  • In total, there are over 17,000 ICT graduates annually, and 75,000 ICT students. Poland’s wide tech talent pool has 8 developers per 1000 citizens, adding about 80K tech graduates annually.
  1. Convenient Geographic Location
  • All major Polish cities have direct connections with other main European airports.
  • Wroclaw offers a wide range of direct flights to major hubs of Europe (1 h 20 m to Munich, 1 h 45 m to Amsterdam, 2h 20 m to London).
  1. Similar Cultures
  • Eastern and Western Europe have multiple cultural and economic ties. Moreover, Poland  follows international business codes of conduct, which makes it easier to set up a transparent and efficient cooperation.
  1. English Proficiency
  • In Poland, 91% of software developers have an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency.
  • Over 10 % of the Polish ICT specialists  speak German as well.
  1. Governmental Support
  • In addition to well-educated staff with high levels of foreign language fluency, Poland also offers tax relief in addition to new IT subsidies for R&D for foreign investors who want to locate their businesses in Poland.

3 Steps to Build your Team with Whoohoo IT

  1. Introduction & video call. First, let’s discuss your business needs. With our tech leaders and recruitment manager, we will set clear your requirements and prepare a detailed offer. To ensure the confidential information about your project is safe, an NDA can be signed at the start out. You are also welcome to visit our office at this stage and see our current IT Teams for yourself.
  2. Specialist selection & first assignment. We carefully select the best specialists and present their profiles to you usually within a few days. You can interview the candidates by video call or meet with them face-to-face in our office. As soon as you choose the right candidates for your project, we define the cooperation details and start the first assignment.
  3. Scaling up and expanding your team. If you are happy with the first assignment, you can extend your team further. The team can be scaled up and down, depending on your current requirements. There is also an option to transfer the team to a new legal entity, which we can help you establish.

Whoohoo IT – Contact us in Poland!

Ready to test Whoohoo? We would love to hear about your project. Please leave us your details, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
Whoohoo locations: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Poland
Our office
Specialists accepted by you and hired by Whoohoo work remotely or at our premises in Wroclaw.
Whoohoo office is a modern space in the city center of Wroclaw. It was designed and equipped for optimal and comfortable work of software developers: find our office.
  • If you want to scale up your project, create a successful MVP, or build a new development team in Eastern Europe, we are here to find the right people for you!
  • Whoohoo – cross border IT teams
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