Deputy Business Development Manager

Alicja Laube
osoba kontaktowa
Alicja Laube
LUT 15
Mazowieckie na stałe Inżynier/Licencjat
17.03.2021 108137326


Our customer has been playing a major role in the construction industry in both domestic and international markets since its establishment in 1958. Today, the company is a leader in rail system projects, infrastructure projects, and industrial projects with its deeply rooted corporate culture and highly experienced staff.

Zakres obowiązków

Business Development Manager is in charge of conducting market research: discovering and securing new business opportunities either locally, regionally, or nationally.

Evaluates strengths, weaknesses, risks and potentials of possible projects.

Assessing potential third part clients in terms of income potential and mission fit 

Representing the company at trade organizations, on committees, and during board meetings, when required. 

Creating a business development database in order to evaluate performance and organize client and prospective client information and Negotiations of contracts.

Fostering beneficial relationships with business partners, potential clients, and business contacts in order to attract new business and enhancing organization’s reputation.

Planning and organization of new market entrance and initiative, follow up of new investment and tender announcements.  

All other issues required/requested by the Employer in line with the Company policies

Perform other duties assigned by senior management and cooperate with other company directors within her/his area of expertise, when required.



Commitment to Corporate Culture and Policies

Technical Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Business Development Management

Influential character, being model to staff 

Continuous Self Development Efforts

Bechalor Degree in Engineering departments

At least 10 years of experience in construction field

At least 5 years experience in business management of similar industry

Skills in public relations and networking 

Strong command of English Language and languages used in base/target countries.

Strong time management

Communication & Representational skills

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