Site Manager (Szczecin)

Magdalena Szubzda
osoba kontaktowa
Magdalena Szubzda
PAŹ 28
Zachodniopomorskie na czas określony Inżynier/Licencjat
27.11.2019 100251060


Responsibilities of the Site Manager are specified in the in Building Law (Ustawa Prawo Budowlane, Dz. U. 1994 Nr 89 poz. 414).

The Site Manager will be part of the Operational team on site and reports to the Construction Manager or Project Manager.

Location: Szczecin, Poland

Zakres obowiązków

  • Prepare the protocol takeover of the construction site from the Client, including securing construction area (constructions, technical devices, points of geodetical reference),
  • Preparation of the project building documentation,
  • Handing over to the Client confirmation of being entered into the relevant professional register allowing to serve as a Site Manager,
  • Running the Building Log,
  • Application for registration of the Building Log
  • Assist in proper organization of the construction site, managing the construction works according to the project, building permit, all local laws and regulations, including technical and construction norms and HSE rules and regulations,
  • Updating the project technical-organizational documentation and HSE documentation in case of any changes to the project or along with the progress of the construction works,
  • Assuring that proper materials are used during the execution of the construction works (according specific regulations),
  • Assist in notifying Client about construction works that are ready to be partly handed-over,
  • Ensuring that the handed over parts of the construction works will be tested and checked according to the rules and regulations,
  • Assist in preparation of the post-building documentation of the construction site,
  • Assist in notifying that the object is ready to be handed over to the Client. Participating in the hand overs,
  • Handing over to the Client a statement that the object has been built according to the design, project documentation and all applicable laws and regulations,
  • Conducting safety inspections,
  • Providing daily and weekly progress reports on the project.


  • At least 10 years of professional experience as a site manager or works manager, including at least 5 years in marine hydraulic engineering,
  • Higher education in construction industry,
  • Unrestricted building license to manage hydraulic engineering works (hydrotechnical specialization) or an equivalent licence,
  • At least 10 years of professional experience as a site manager or works manager, including at least 5 years in marine hydraulic engineering,
  • Participation at least in one contract executed on the basis of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract or equivalent conditions (e.g. UAV, UAV-GC (Holland), FABlKVV (Belgium), VOB (Germany), JCT or GMB (Great Britain) at the position of site manager or works manager,
  • Knowledge of software packages such as MS Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint,
  • Fluent verbal and written communication skills in Polish and English,
  • Driving License.
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