Backend Developer

Magdalena Szubzda
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Magdalena Szubzda
WRZ 06
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06.10.2021 108151504


Our customer is looking for support in the area of ​​payment platform. The external backend engineer should support the feature development, rollouts as well as the conception, planning and implementation of the microservice cut of the monolithic core application in the Google Cloud. The product team works agile according to Scrum and follows the DevOps approach. There are numerous dependencies on other teams and applications.

Zakres obowiązków

• Development of backend systems with common web technologies such as OpenAPI, REST, JPA etc.

• Development of microservices

• DevOps


must have:

• Java and Kotlin (Senior Level)

• SQL, preferably PostgreSQL

• JPA, Hibernate

• NoSQL, preferably MongoDB

• Git, Github

• OpenAPI and REST

• Cloud Technologies (Kubernetes), preferably GCP



• DevOps technologies such as Prometheus, Grafana, OpsGenie

• Quarkus

• Flux, Helm, SealedSecrets

• Reactive Frameworks

• Experience in high traffic applications, scaling, sharding

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