Customer Success Engineer

Rafał Zimoch
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Rafał Zimoch
CZE 28
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28.07.2021 108147566


Redefining the future of mobility and transportation!

With a next-generation special-purpose cloud, we create the best data experience for our customers and partners.

Be part of a global team that is encouraged to explore and experiment. Our diverse mindsets open up new perspectives and provide opportunities to innovate collaboratively. 

Together we live and breathe the start-up spirit which means we are risk-takers, fast learners and are constantly on the move. Individual development programs and regular reviews allow you to reach your professional and personal goals.

Zakres obowiązków

Develop, integrate, deploy and test software features that meet cloud customer requirements

Take ownership in an agile delivery team, ensuring the technical quality of the features delivered

Collaborate with product, engineering, customer engagement teams, including documentation, testing strategies, and code.

Work with Customer Success Lead, Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineering team to design and implement cloud native systems.

Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance

Prepare documentation and tutorial for customer and cloudmobility internal stakeholders.

Investigate and solution of technical/infrastructural problems, implementation of root cause analysis and improvements

Support of the development team for infrastructural, safety and process-related questions

Support customers with maintenance and/or migration of their services to run on top of bare metal Kubernetes clusters

Create the services that utilize our compute capabilities of Kubernetes clusters

Design, implement, test and optimize new services that run at scale and solve challenging distributed problems

Collaborate with product team to build the best product and associated services to our users and developers community

Analyse the architecture for customers by determining current limitations and propose solutions

Be part of a Postmortem Culture in order to enable learning from failure and share the knowledge across the entire engineering team


Significant experience as a software engineer, developer, or programmer building production software

Expertise with at least one of the following languages: Go, Python, Java, Javascript

Minimum 3 years of work experience with Kubernetes

Experience with large scale distributed systems programming

Familiarity with Chef, Ansible and/or Puppet or any other configuration management tool

Ability to contribute throughout all phases of a service lifecycle from conception through design, development, deployment and ultimately operation

Experience with containerised applications, orchestration and deployment on Kubernetes based platform

A commitment to monitoring and observability

Ability to support the SRE team when needed

Operational familiarity with Linux servers

Ability to build complex workflows in Kubernetes

Experience with Customer Success function an added advantage

Experience with CI/CD tools like Jenkins/GitHub actions

Experience developing applications for large corporation

Professional experience of working with various operating systems and their implications

Experience with Customer Success function an added advantage

Record of creating sweeping improvements in stability, performance and scalability across business-critical systems

Fluent written and spoken English

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