Frontend (Svelte) Developer

Monika Joniec
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Monika Joniec
STY 03
Dolnośląskie na czas określony Inżynier/Licencjat
02.02.2022 108155734


We are building a new team of frontend developers for a Norwegian software company. You can help build the future of audiobook and e-book services. 

Zakres obowiązków

  • Creating and implementing a design system for the web, across multiple brands.
  • You’ll be working with Svelte and Svelte Kit.
  • Be responsible for implementing websites and web apps based on the design system.


  • Svelte or other recent JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Vue, React)
  • JavaScript on both browsers and backends. Bonus points for TypeScript
  • CSS. Bonus points for LESS/SASS
  • NPM packaging
  • Testing
  • Git
  • Design systems
  • CI/CD
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