Full Stack Developer

Magdalena Szubzda
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Magdalena Szubzda
CZE 10
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10.07.2021 108146001

Zakres obowiązków

The Full Stack Developer shall perform (but not be limited to) the following tasks:

•Build containerized application tools following the 12 Factor App methodology, Test Driven Development (TDD), and Extreme Programming (XP)

•Develop products as part of a Balanced team consisting of a Product Manager, Product Owner, UI/UX Designer, and Data Scientists (as applicable)


•Experience with REST APIs design and development

•Experience with Microservices Architecture

•2 or more years within the last 4 years’ experience in full-stack JavaScript/Python/Java development

•2 or more years’ within the last 4 years’ experience in front-end development (e.g. React, Angular, etc…) and/or

•2 or more years’ within the last 4 years’ experience in back-end development ( and/or - Node.js, Django/Flask, SpringBoot, etc…)

•2 or more years’ within the last 4 years’ experience in database design and programming ( and/or - mySQL, PostgreSQL, etc…)

•Experience with Test Driven Development (TDD)

•Able to work in a balanced team, driving technical feasibility for the product backlog

•Able to pick up and learn new languages and frameworks

•Can work in a pair programming environment

•Understand CI/CD concepts of software delivery

•Knowledgeable about building and maintaining a product’s CI/CD pipeline

•Adopts industry best practices, with a security first mindset

•Fluent in English (written and Oral).


•University degree in Computer Science or related discipline OR 5 years’ experience as a Full-Stack Engineer

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