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Adam Nesterowicz
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Adam Nesterowicz
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For our client in Germany, which operates in many areas of the economy (banking and finance, non-profit organisations, medicine and public administration) and is developing its own low-code platform, we are looking for low-code Developers. The company is aiming to create a low-code platform, which will allow a low cost, but highly efficient development of a number of projects for its partners.

Zakres obowiązków

• We are looking for German-speaking low-code developers for development with the SCOPELAND low-code platform for projects in Germany.

• We are open to all conceivable constellations: we would want to work with individual developers who have been 'borrowed' from us or who have been mediated to us for employment, or we could employ entire teams, possibly even including project management, QA, etc more or less home office, and optionally with residence and main place of work in Poland or Germany.

• Low-code developers do not necessarily have to be computer scientists or experienced programmers. It can also side entrants from

other academic professions (mathematics, technology, economics or science). Side entrants are often the better low-code developers, but have to switch professionally completely and completely to IT, and at least have already entered IT (e.g. via a boot camp). We have had good experiences with a ratio of 1 computer scientist to 3 lateral entrants in the team.


We are providers of the low-code platform SCOPELAND, with which professional database applications can be developed much more efficiently (almost) without programming than with conventional programming methods. While low-code is all the rage these days, all low-code platforms are always a little different. Our low-code platform is one of the first on the market and is less optimized for the so-called 'citizen developer' and more for professionally organized teams of low-code developers who then use it to develop complex, sophisticated digitization solutions (including those with pronounced reference to geodata).

We have our own service business and use our own people to develop large-scale solutions for German federal and state authorities. Due to a lack of our own staff and because we want to work more with partner companies in the future anyway, we are constantly on the lookout for potential employees, freelancers, etc.

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