Senior Android Developer

Izabella Juwa
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Izabella Juwa
LIS 15
Dolnośląskie na czas określony Inżynier/Licencjat
15.12.2021 108155566

Zakres obowiązków

Health app developed in Kotlin for Android is to be continuously developed and improved. At the same time, the test coverage is to be increased and the code quality improved.


·       Kotlin, Java, and everything else to build modern Android Apps, e.g. Android Studio, REST, http

·       Clean Architecture

·       RxJava, Coroutines

·       Room


Nice-to-Have Skills:

·       CI/CD for 100% Build/Release automation using Azure DevOps or Fastlane 

·       Google Play Store Release Process including multiple release paths (open/closed beta, Play Store release, AppCenter release for internal test)

·       Rest/Swagger API Definitions

·       OAuth2/OpenID 

·       Google Fit API, Fitbit API, Garmin API, Google Maps API

·       C#, SQL Server (for better understanding our Backend)

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