Senior Frontend Developer

Magdalena Szubzda
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Magdalena Szubzda
LIP 06
Śląskie na czas określony Inżynier/Licencjat
05.08.2021 108148076


Dla naszego klienta, firmy consultingowej z Monachium, poszukujemy Senior Frontend Developera.

Zakres obowiązków

100% remote


• Frontend developer with minimum 5 years practical experience in business projects

• Senior dev level preferred

Mature knowledge in Angular (up to latest version), 4+ years experience

Mature knowledge in Spartacus SAP Commerce, 1+ years experience

• Implementing with pure vanilla JS is prerequisite

• Implementing layout using LESS, SASS/SCSS pre-processors on similar high level as implementing JS

• Experienced with up-to-date frontend technologies and tooling

• Used to collaborate with Jira, Confluence etc. using SCRUM/Kanban

• Good English skills

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