Senior Java Developer

Magdalena Szubzda
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Magdalena Szubzda
WRZ 02
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02.10.2021 108151295


Long-term support in the e-commerce area for customers. Development of system-relevant features, implementation of enterprise applications with microservices architecture in an AWS cloud infrastructure. Cross-functional teams made up of employees from customers and employees from external service providers. The teams differentiate themselves professionally according to system products such as user, order, search, navigation, article detail page.

Zakres obowiązków

The agile and cross-functional functional team is responsible for the further development and operation of functions relating to the item details page and customer ratings for the platform.

The technical service behind the item detail page is currently being replaced. The system behind the customer rating is a Spring Boot Service, which runs on the AWS using Docker on EC2.

Your task will be to work with the team to develop structures and working methods that facilitate operation and further development in everyday life. Unfortunately, manual processes currently take up a large part of the working time.

In addition, part of your job will be to develop the customer review service and reduce technical debt.

Technologies used: Java, Spring Boot, AWS (Lambda, EC2, ...), Typescript, Node.js, Jenkins, Docker, Git, MongoDB, and many more



  • Development experience in Java with Spring Boot
  • Know-how in the field of continuous integration and continuous delivery and test automation
  • Affinity to test-driven development (TDD, BDD, ...)
  • Development and operating experience in the microservice environment
  • Experience in and willingness to work together in an agile team, especially pair programming
  • Experience with cloud environments (ideally AWS)


  • Experience in the operation and maintenance of software applications in the cloud
  • Experience in developing with Typescript (Browser, Node.js), HTML, CSS
  • Affinity to ecommerce expertise and technologies
  • An eye for higher-level development processes, e.g. experience as a scrum master
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